Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Registry Pickle

I've heard a few people ragging lately on CB2, an offshoot of Crate and Barrel aimed at offering stylish home decor items at more affordable prices. However, I like the concept, the products, and the prices (although I'm not crazy about some of it - I don't need to see a little man riding a biscotti). Although one does not usually associate a big name store with being environmentally friendly, I've been impressed with Crate and Barrel's efforts to utilize renewable and sustainable materials.

Below are some of my favorite items from CB2. The colors are so fun and the graphics so entertaining.

Are you (or would you) registering at a big chain store like Crate and Barrel?


RoseAllen@ Maui Wedding said...

Love the square pieces for plates. This are great selections.

Anonymous said...

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