Eco and Elsie is a blog about eco-weddings, eco-honeymoons, and all things eco-stuff for brides, grooms, and wedding planners.

Our readers are pretty much the best and if you ever got to meet them, I know you'd love them as much as I do. Unfortunately, you'll have to settle for advertising to them. That's not so shabby though, considering our dedicated followers are fans of making eco-conscious choices for their health and their wedding. Although the majority of our readers come from major metropolitan areas, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco,  New York City, and Chicago, we also receive visitors from all over the world!

Before you request a media kit or inquire about sponsorship opportunities, please note we only work with companies that are honest and are making an effort to be environmentally friendly.

No homing pigeons please. Send an e-mail to for a media kit and rates.

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