Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cupcake Love

I used to be obsessed with cupcakes, but I've been somewhat alleviated of this affliction in the past year or so. Not sure why, so don't ask, but I'll still eat them - I'm just not obsessed with them. That doesn't stop this ex-cupcake stalker from appreciating them and occasionally dabbling in cupcake-ish recipes. If you feel the same, check out . I don't know who Ming is, but Ming is pretty awesome, which is apparent on his/her website. And if you get sick of cupcakes, you can check out Ming's too.



We used Metrotainment Bakery for our wedding cupcakes (you get a price break at 100+ of $1.50/cupcake). I am not a fan of wedding cake.
We had a variety of flavors and I bought some to-go paper boxes (recycled, of course) and let the guests take cupcakes home. We didn't have any leftovers!

Suknie ślubne said...

Looks amazing!They are great substitute for wedding cake! You can put tem in wedding cake shape!

Lauryn said...

these cupcakes looks sooo yummy :X love the cupcake cake for the wedding :X